New IPM tools against pests of honey bees will be developed in Algeria, Egypt, France, Greece and Italy based on the expertise of each partner and by integrating their experience. Experimental apiaries have been established for this purpose.
PLANT-B will be operating case studies in Egypt, Greece, Italy and Spain to assess the benefits of the new sustainable mixed-farming system:


6 case studies orchards (4 PLANT-B + 2 control) on the Island of Al-Shaier in Al Qanater el Khareiya, Qalyoubeya governorate (Delta)


7 case study orchards (5 PLANT-B + 2 control) located in Argolida in the eastern part of the peloponnese penninsula


14 case study orchards (9 PLANT-B + 5 control) in Sicily Campania, Molise


3 case study orchards with a twin design in close proximity to UJI campus, North West of Valencia