PLANT-B Closing Workshop

Citrus crop, aromatic plants and beekeeping in a mixed farming system

September 2023

New IPM tools for the control of honeybee pests Valorization of endemic Mediterranean honeybee subspecies

Nov 2022

4 PRIMA Projects celebrate 26th May World Bee Day

May 2022

Sélection d'abeilles Naturellement résistante au Varroa et la mise place des pratiques de lutte intégrée contre les maladies d'abeilles

Octobre 2021

Premiers cas avérés de résistance de l’abeille Tellienne au Varroa dans la région de Boumerdes

Octobre 2021

Our PLANT-B Italian team from the Department of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences of the University of Tuscia participated in an agrobiology webinar

June 2021

The PLANT-B Analytics 1st Online Workshop

20 November 2020

Future Scenarios of the EuroMed Agrifood 

PLANT-B project announcement in the 3rd AgriBussiness Forum, Athens-Greece

7 October 2020

Training for Egyptian Beekeepers on IPM for Honey Bee Pests & Diseases

15 August 2020

Newsletter of the Hellenic Entomological Society

June 2020