New IPM tools for the control of honeybee pests

Valorization of endemic Mediterranean honeybee subspecies

IPM approaches for the control of the Varroa miteparasitosis of the honeybee in Central Italy

Prof. Pier Paolo Danieli, Federico Manganello and Filippo Lazzari


Effect of trauma on Varroa life span in resistant colonies

 Mrs. Intissar Ghaffar, Mrs. M. Chellali, Mrs. H. Khedidji,

Dr. H. Mohand-kaci and Prof. A. MOHAMMEDI

UMBB, Algeria

Semiochemicals involved in HB varroa resistance

Amelia Noel and Prof. Yves Le Conte

INRAE, France

Innovation of beeswax resistance to Galleria mellonella

Prof. Souad Shairra

ARC, Egypt

Comparative honey production in the laboratory of Apis mellifera intermissa and Apis mellifera sahariensis

Mrs Nabila Kabli - Herda Farid

INRAA, Algeria

Identification and characterization of chemical constituents of Buxus sempervirens and study of their larvicidal activity against Galleria mellonella

Dr. Hakima Mohand-kaci, Mrs. M. Chellali, Mrs. I. Ghaffar,

Mrs. H. Khedidji and Prof. A. Mohammedi

UMBB, Algeria

Good beekeeping practice for clean bee products

Dr Sofia Gounari


Selection of varroa resistant honeybees in France

Prof. Yves Le Conte

INRAE, France

Capacity of Saharan and Tellian bees to support protein deficiencies in time of scarcity

Mrs. Hassiba Khedidji, Mrs. M. Chellali, Mrs. I.Ghaffar,

Dr. H. Mohand-kaci and Prof. A. Mohammedi

UMBB, Algeria

Behavior of native virgin queens during the mating flight

Mrs. Meriem Chelleli, Mrs. I. Ghaffar, Mrs. H. Khedidji,

Dr. H. Mohand-kaci and Prof. A. Mohammedi

UMBB, Algeria

Survival and state of immunity of two local honeybee subspecies as subjected to deficient diet regime

Mrs. Nabila Kabli and Herda Farid

INRAA, Algeria

Phytochemical and macro and trace element analysis of the PLANT-B honey

Dr. Konstantinos Kasiotis - BPI, Greece

Prof. Pier Paolo Danieli - UNTIUS-DAFNE, Italy

Socio-economic analysis of PLANT-B farming system in Italy: Synthesis of the results of the 1st year

Severini S. and Biagini L.


Reasons for the disappearance and collapse of honeybee colonies

Prof. Naglaa Ghazala

ARC, Egypt