Dr. Naglaa Interview - Honey Festival

Channel 3 interview with Professor and Dr. Naglaa El Ahmady Gazala, Professor of Bee Research Department and Leader of the European Bee Team as well as Dr. Abdallah Alshafei during this year's Annual Egypt Honey Festival.

Dr. Naglaa and Dr. Abdallah talk about Plant-B goals and mission, the participating countries in the project and how the different partners work together to exchange knowledge and findings across the Mediterranean.

2nd December 2021

First broadcast at the university radio UCE (University of Continuing Education)

The collaboration between the Mediterranean countries and PRIMA represented in the PRIMA project (Plant-B)

4th November 2020

The project PLANT-B was presented in the last issue (1-2/2021, issue 108) of the journal “Melissokomiko Vima” published by the Hellenic Federation of Beekeepers' Associations, a stakeholder of PLANT-B in Greece.

1st February 2021

"Beekeepers training in Upper Egypt on breeding of honey bee queens and the economic importance of bees”

2-4 December 2020

تدريب النحالين المصريين على المكافحة المتكاملة للآفات وأمراض نحل العسل – اخبار مصر النهاردة.pdf
رئيس «البحوث الزراعية» يتفقد «مناحل الغربية» بحضور نقيب الزراعيين (صور).pdf